Britain was a different place for disabled people in 2000. The Disability Rights Commission was set up to change culture in England, Scotland and Wales and put disabled people where they belong, in the mainstream – and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

And from October 2007 we start a new journey, merging with the Commission for Racial Equality and the Equal Opportunities Commission, to become the Commission for Equality and Human Rights.

You can download our final DRC Annual Review, learning narratives and watch short films illustrating some of our many campaigns. Enjoy!

Annual Review

Annual Review

  • PDF File: Annual Review
  • Microsoft Word File: Annual Review

View Videos: BSL Videos

Signed video information clips about employment rights and rights of access.

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View Videos: Talk Videos

Talk Videos

Challenging prejudice in the diamond jewellery industry, supported by Samara James

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View Videos: The Appointment Video

The Appointment – 10 minute comedy drama illustrating good employment practice.

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View Videos: Closing The Gap Video

Closing the Gap – powerful documentary on health inequalities affecting people with learning disabilities and/or health problems.

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View Videos: Disability Agenda Advertisements

Disability Agenda ads – campaign commercials highlighting problems of bullying and lack of provision for independent living.

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View Videos: Disability Agenda Launch

Disability Agenda launch – the outcome of a DRC-led national debate on disability equality.

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View Videos: Your Rights At Work Videos

Your Rights at Work - Easy video version of the DRC's easy read book ’Your Rights at Work’.

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